Parthenon is a business software framework. Parthenon is perfect for starting a new product or for a base for a rewrite. Built on top of Symfony, Parthenon leverages some of the best things within the PHP tech landscape Designed to allow businesses to build their applications without having to worry about generic functionality, allowing them to have their developers focused on their business logic. Parthenon will help busineses build and improve their products better by taking away the mundane.

  • With an backoffice system known as Athena businesses will be able to build fast backoffice systems without having to spend time building basic backoffice functionality.
  • A health check system that will allow developers to quickly add new healthchecks into the system to keep an eye on a multiude of things go wrong.
  • A user system that integrates with the other modules with ease and provides functionality such as teams, invites, GDPR functionality, and generic user functionality.
  • A funnel system that will allow developers to build multistage forms that will make building a customisable user sign up flow easy and fast.
  • A A/B Testing system that will allow companies to create experiments to see if changes improve their product or make it worse.
  • A notification system that allows to easily send emails, slack messages, etc.
  • A Plan system to allow for creating customisable plans for your product that can create custom limits for each plan.
  • A Payment system that will allow for accepting payments via Stripe quickly.
  • And the common module that has the generic basics that companies need such as file uploads, PDF generation, and HTTP requests.