Create a Successhandler

The SuccessHandler is the code that is to be executed upon the successful completion of the funnel. For example, for creating the user account

Name Type Description
entity object The entity that is to be populated by the funnel.


If the successHandler implements the RepositoryAwareInterface interface then the repository will automatically be injected into it during the runtime. This will allow you to save the entity.

Example Code

class SuccessHandler implements SuccessHandlerInterface, RepositoryAwareInterface
    private UrlGeneratorInterface $urlGenerator;

    private RepositoryInterface $repository;

    public function __construct(UrlGeneratorInterface $urlGenerator)
        $this->urlGenerator = $urlGenerator;

    public function setRepository(RepositoryInterface $repository): self {
        $this->repository = $repository;

        return $this;

    public function handleSuccess($entity)
        return new RedirectResponse($this->urlGenerator->generate('app_request_demo_requested'));