Parthenon comes with a Payment system that currently supports Stripe.


Add the Parthenon to the symfony routing.

    prefix: /
    resource: ../../vendor/parthenon/bootstrap/src/Payments/Controller/
    type: annotation

Setup the Parthenon configuration for payments.

Name Type Description
enabled Boolean To define if the payment module is enabled.
provider string What payment provider is to use.
stripe.private_api_key String The private Stripe API key.
stripe.public_api_key String The publishable Stripe API key.
stripe.success_url string The URL that the user should be sent to by Stripe when they’ve paid.
stripe.cancel_url string The URL that the user should be sent to when they cancel
subscriber_type string The kind of subscriber team or user
success_redirect_route string The name of the symony route the user should be redirected to upon success
prices array The prices


Prices for plans are defined using an array that has the name of the plan and the payment schedule

  enabled: true
  provider: stripe
  subscriber_type: team
    private_api_key: '%env(resolve:STRIPE_PRIVATE_API_KEY)%'
    public_api_key: '%env(resolve:STRIPE_PUBLIC_API_KEY)%'
    success_url: "%env(resolve:APPLICATION_URL)%/api/payments/success/{CHECKOUT_SESSION_ID}"
    cancel_url: "%env(resolve:APPLICATION_URL)%/api/payments/cancel"
    basic: # plan name
      monthly: stripe_price_id # payment schedule
      yearly: stripe_price_id
      monthly: stripe_price_id
      yearly: stripe_price_id        


There are controller endpoints that will allow you to use stripe

GET /payments/plans/checkout/{planName}/{paymentSchedule}

Returns the checkout id that is to be used with the Stripe JS library to forward to a Stripe hosted checkout.

  'id': 'id-given-by-stripe'

GET /payments/success/{checkoutId}

The endpoint to be hit when the user has successfully paid. This will mark the subscriber as paid.

POST /payments/plans/change/{planName}/{paymentSchedule}

  'success': true,
  'plan': {
    'plan_name' 'plan name',
    'payment_schedule': 'monthly',
    'status': 'active'

GET /payments/cancel

The controller that the user will be redirected to when they cancel from the checkout.